How to Prevent Graffiti

Whether you’re a home or business owner, you’ve most likely had to deal with graffiti at one point or another. It’s a real problem that you must be proactive in preventing. Here are a few ways to make graffiti less of a problem for you.

Limit access to your property

Security boundary fencing at residential community

Barriers, fences, and gates with locks make your property less accessible. Use metal or chain link fences as an alternative to wood fences, which is more attractive to a graffiti artist. Also, painting your fence will deter some graffiti artist, who prefer a blank canvas.

Grow some plants.


Cover your space with plants, vines, and shrubs. Not only will you have a beautiful landscape but this will make it harder for people to reach the surface. Graffiti artist look for easy access. Another good trick is to post a sign that says “Careful of the poison ivy.” As most people cannot readily identify poison ivy, they won’t take the chance and are more likely to avoid the area altogether.

Be selective and thoughtful when picking what you will plant. Roses, barberry, and pyracantha are thorny bushes. Planting them will further deter people who would prefer not to go through the trouble and pain of walking through thorns.

Be strategic when you decide where to plant. For example, if your fence is exposed, plant right in front of it. If you’re a big business with large empty walls, it’s a good idea to plant vines on the roof. The vines will grow down the side of the building, making it an unfavorable location for graffitist.

Paint a mural.

Second Annual Grove Fest paint-by-number Mural - in progress  (9b)

Local artists or art students are usually open to doing community pieces to get their name out there. Painting a mural or adding some graffiti art of your liking is a good deterrent. Graffiti artist won’t usually work over another artist’s piece. If you’re a business, pay them to paint an advertisement for you. This kind of outreach creates a sense of community spirit while giving graffitist a positive outlet.

Be proactive.

Let people know that you care about your property by keeping it neat and clean. Vandalizing usually occurs on unkept properties because the assumption is that the owner won’t care. Make sure your fences aren’t broken, keep up with your landscaping, and always stay on top of your garbage. This lets people know that someone is constantly there.

In the instance that you are a victim of graffiti make sure you have a little insurance, such as protective coating. Protective coating won’t stop the damage but it will at least make cleanup easier. Barrier coatings are preferable as they are permanent and will hold through multiple cleanings. It’s recommended that you speak to a professional at your local hardware store to make sure you get the right barrier for your surface.

Let there be light.

Graffitists work in the dark to avoid being spotted. Motion-detecting lights are a good investment because they save on energy without losing the desired effect.